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Haisenpet Bentonite Cat Litter Baby Powder 10L

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Haisenpet Bentonite Cat Litter Baby Powder 10L

Bentonite Cat Litter, Believe it or not, cat litters products have only been around for approximately 63 years. Traditionally people used any material that was readily available to them including sand, garden dirt, ashes, and shredded newspaper. Then, in 1947 in the UK, a young man by the name of Edward Lowe gave his neighbour an absorbent called Fuller’s Earth. Edward worked for his father’s company Fuller’s Earth Union (FEU), later to become a part of Laporte Industries, which sold industrial absorbents. Edward began marketing this clay as a “kitty Litter” and its popularity quickly grew, creating a brand new industry. Bentonite Cat Litter


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